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  Tianlong Liquefied Gas Cylinder Company insists on innovation-driven, to set the industry benchmark for LPG cylinders. The company adheres to market demand-oriented, product safety as its mission, customer demand as the focus of attention, integrates its own technology and resource advantages, continuously innovates and expands sales channels, produces more than 600,000 various types of steel cylinders, and annual turnover reaches 6000 Ten thousand yuan, won the title of "Top 20" industrial enterprises in the district in 2016.

Nigeria Lpg Cylinder Gas Supplier,TIANLONG Cylinder Factory

  Direct on-site inspection and strict quality control

  Walking into the production workshop of Nigeria Tianlong Petroleum Liquefied Gas Cylinder Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the workers are busy nervously and orderly.

  In the parts production workshop, the workers cut the steel plate and strip steel to the required size by machine, and then process, punch, form, weld and other processes to make the head, base, shield and other accessories needed for the cylinder. In the manufacture of shields, the reporter found that each shield has an "identity card", which records the code of the batch of products, the production date, production company number, code, national standard number, etc., which is easy to trace and ensure that customers use Safety. After the workers in the parts workshop make the parts one by one, they are transferred to the cylinder production workshop.

  In the steel cylinder production workshop, the reporter saw that the wafers went into the welding process after being stretched by the head, necked, necked, and polished. In the welding process, each worker has to pass the welder examination and obtain the special operation welder certificate before they can work. At the same time, professional welding inspectors and welding engineers are assigned to conduct on-site supervision and guidance to ensure a 100% pass rate. After the welding is completed, the workers perform X-ray inspection on the steel cylinder, and then enter the heat treatment process to perform overall annealing and stress relief treatment on the cylinder. After the heat treatment is completed, the quality inspector conducts random inspections of mechanical properties and water pressure blasting tests on the cylinders. After the random inspections are qualified, they can enter the subsequent surface treatment, spraying and air tightness tests.

  It seems that a simple steel cylinder must go through more than 20 production processes and more than a dozen inspection processes. If any problem occurs in any link, the production of the entire batch of cylinders will be interrupted. After the problem is found and resolved, the next process can be entered. "In the whole process, we have checked the product quality at all levels." The company's technical director said.

  Economic Observation Annual production of more than 600,000 steel cylinders of various types

  According to reports, the company has B2 level liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, liquefied dimethyl ether cylinders, and D level I and II pressure vessel manufacturing qualifications. It has more than 100 employees and more than 30 various technicians. It produces more than 600,000 various types of cylinders per year. , The annual turnover reaches more than 50 million yuan.

  It is understood that the company is based on its geographical advantages, and its product sales are mainly in Africa and radiate to neighboring countries. "The company has a strong location advantage and brand effect. At present, its products are sold as far as Europe and the United States. Sales are quite good.

  In recent years, the company has focused on personnel training, introduced a group of young college students, established a research and development department, and continuously explored the research and development of new steel cylinder products, and has developed new products one after another, leading the country's counterparts and has strong competitiveness.

  Highlight analysis New products are favored by the market

  Since 2012, the LPG industry has shrunk. In response to this phenomenon, the company actively responded, adjusted its thinking, and developed dimethyl ether and pure organic fuel cylinders, successfully occupying the market. "Especially in the development of dimethyl ether cylinders, Nigeria Lpg Cylinder Gas Supplier are ahead of the industry. In 2014, we successfully passed the type test and obtained the qualification certificate. Now the dimethyl ether cylinders have occupied a large share of the company's production, and they will also be introduced to the market. Good benefits have been achieved.

  It is understood that the company is actively applying for the qualification of cylinder valve production to further save costs, increase production, and save energy and improve efficiency. "After the declaration is successful, the company will become a comprehensive enterprise in the production of steel cylinders and valve accessories, with a more prominent position and a bright future.


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