Notice for users to use liquefied gas safely

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  Notice for users to use liquefied gas safely

  Dear users:

  Thank you for your support to China TIANLONG CYLINDER FACTORY over the years. For the safety of you and your family, our company has compiled basic knowledge for users to use liquefied gas safely, reminding you which links you should pay attention to during use.

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  1. The cylinder angle valve must be closed after use. When you finish cooking or going out, be sure to close the angle valve of the cylinder. Prevent the hose, pressure regulator, stove from leaking and catching fire.

  2. The safety of the voltage regulator. One is to buy it at a regular liquefied gas franchise store; the other is that the regulator must be replaced in time if it is clogged or leaking; the third is that special clips must be used at the connection with the hose, and no iron wire is used or no reinforcement measures are taken.

  3. Common sense of liquefied petroleum gas: liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a gas under normal temperature and pressure, and becomes liquid after being pressurized. Liquefied petroleum gas is non-toxic, colorless and odorless in gaseous state, and transparent liquid in liquid state. Liquefied petroleum gas is a first-class combustible gas, which is more flammable than coal gas (carbon monoxide) and gasoline.

  4. The use of liquefied gas cylinders strictly abide by the following safety regulations: qualified products of enterprises with manufacturing licenses should be used, and gas cylinders that have not been inspected beyond the expiry date should not be used; users must purchase gas from units that have registered for refilling or sales , The transportation distance of the LPG cylinders shall not exceed 50 kilometers; the place of the cylinders shall not be close to heat sources and open flames, and the cylinders shall be kept dry; when the cylinders are placed upright, measures to prevent dumping shall be taken; Exposure to the sun should be prevented; knocking and collision of the gas cylinders are strictly prohibited; heating the gas cylinders with a temperature higher than 40°C is forbidden; after the gas cylinders are put into use, the gas cylinders shall not be dug, repaired, welded or repaired; the print and color of the gas cylinders are strictly prohibited mark.

  5. The service life of the hose is 2-3 years. Some users mistakenly believe that as long as there is no damage, they will not be replaced. In fact, the hose will age beyond its service life, and it will have no pressure resistance, which will easily cause sudden cracking and cause accidents. The length of the hose is generally more than 1.5 meters. You must go to a regular liquefied gas store to choose and purchase qualified hoses for liquefied gas. You must not replace them with other hoses or inferior products.

  6. Stoves: you must go to a regular liquefied gas specialty store to buy qualified products. Don't buy fake and inferior products at a cheap price. If you find any problems, you should repair them in time.

  7. The user must remember the "Four Prohibitions" when using liquefied gas.

  a. It is not allowed to pour out the remaining liquid in the cylinder without permission. This is because after the residual liquid is poured out of the bottle, it is still relatively easy to volatilize and spread in the air, and it will burn or explode quickly in the open flame, causing serious consequences.

  b. Don't pour your anger without permission. For convenience, some users use two self-made nozzles and ordinary hoses to pour liquefied gas from one heavy bottle to another empty bottle. Because there is no pressure reducing valve, the pressure of the liquefied gas flowing out of the cylinder is very high, and the ordinary hose cannot withstand The pressure caused the hose to rupture or the hose to slip off the mouth, causing a large amount of liquefied gas to be violently ejected. Once it encounters an open flame, it will cause a fire and explosion.

  c. It is not allowed to heat the steel cylinder (not allowed to bake or blanch the steel cylinder with boiling water). The boiling point of liquefied gas is low, and it is easy to vaporize after being heated. The pressure resistance of steel cylinders has a certain limit, exceeding the limit pressure will cause the cylinder to explode. Pouring the steel bottle with boiling water or heating the steel bottle in a hot water basin is very dangerous, and second, it is easy to cause the residual liquid to flow into the stove and block it and make it unusable.

  d. It is forbidden to mix liquefied gas and coal-fired stoves in the same room. In winter, in order to warm rice and warm water on coal stoves, some users, regardless of danger, use them in the same room with liquefied gas stoves and steel cylinders. This is very dangerous. Once the liquefied gas leaks and meets an open flame, fire accidents are prone to occur.

  China Lpg Cylinder Gas Supplier wishes every family happiness and health. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us and we are willing to provide you with quality service.


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