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  In normal life, the use of liquefied petroleum gas is everywhere. Cars, airplanes, ships, etc. all need liquefied petroleum gas. So what is liquefied petroleum gas?

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  Liquefied petroleum gas refers to a colorless volatile liquid obtained by pressure and temperature liquefaction from natural gas or petroleum in an oil refinery. It is easy to spontaneously ignite, and when its content in the air reaches a certain concentration range, it may explode when exposed to an open flame.

  The main components of the liquefied petroleum gas obtained from the refinery are one or two of propane, propylene, butane and butene, and it is also doped with a small amount of pentane, pentene and trace sulfide impurities. If you want to further purify the liquefied petroleum gas, you can use an alcohol amine absorption tower to absorb and remove the carbon oxysulfide, and finally wash the excess sulfide with alkali.

  The liquefied gas obtained through natural gas basically contains no olefins. Liquefied petroleum gas is mainly composed of hydrocarbons, and its main components are propane, butane and other alkanes. Of course, the composition of liquefied petroleum gas is also standardized. Not all substances composed of this component can be called liquefied petroleum gas. Only the gas composition of propane plus butane can exceed 60%. Called liquefied petroleum gas. Of course, not all standards are the same. In foreign countries, their regulations on liquefied petroleum gas are more particular, and its definition needs to adjust the composition of propane and butane according to seasonal changes. However, as long as LPG is used in households in China, there will not be so much emphasis on it. If it is to be used in industry, we need to formulate a more detailed ratio for the composition of LPG. Rules.

  uses liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. Because of its high calorific value, no smoke and no carbon residue, it is easy to operate and use, and has widely entered people's lives. In addition, liquefied petroleum gas is also used for cutting metals, for baking agricultural products and for roasting industrial kilns.

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