distinguish regular liquefied gas cylinders

How to distinguish regular liquefied gas cylinders

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  Speaking of liquefied gas cylinders, everyone will not be unfamiliar, but while it brings convenience to some residents, if the operation is improper or the liquefied gas cylinder is unqualified, it will cause casualties and property losses. So how to distinguish regular liquefied gas cylinders? Today, the Tianlong cylinder manufacturer will introduce to you.


  First of all, we must first understand the composition of non-pipeline gas systems, including liquefied gas cylinders, pressure relief valves and gas hoses. In fact, the main reason why the client is prone to accidents is due to the damage of the gas hose and the use of inferior pressure reducing valves. The "fatal point" of the gas hose is the hose. Rats chew on the hose, the hose is hardened and cracked, and the hose is overdue. These reasons will cause gas leakage. I remind everyone that you must pay more attention to the use of the gas hose. Mark the gas hose Replace within the time of use, preferably once a year. Moreover, it is recommended that you buy a metal gas hose, which has good air tightness, can be bent arbitrarily, is resistant to cold, oil, chemical corrosion, and can prevent rat bites. Metal gas hose is cold-resistant, oil-resistant, chemical-resistant, and resistant to rat bites.

  What is a gas pressure reducing valve?

  Gas pressure reducing valve is also called pressure regulating valve. Its function is to stably control the gas outlet pressure, prevent leakage caused by excessive pressure, and control the rated pressure of gas, so that the liquefied gas in the bottle can be decompressed and gasified into gas and passed through the pipeline smoothly. Pass to the gas stove to burn.

  The two pressure regulators on the left are all unqualified products, and the one on the far right is qualified

  And some citizens may buy inferior pressure relief valves when purchasing pressure relief valves, which will cause backfire, gas leakage, deflagration, etc. during use.

  It is particularly emphasized that the various pressure relief valves currently on the market are of uneven quality, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. But one thing is that the price of inferior pressure reducing valves is definitely cheap, and you can buy them for only a few yuan. For your personal safety, you must be cautious when buying pressure reducing valves. It is recommended to buy them through a regular gas company.

  How to distinguish whether it is a regular gas cylinder?

  First, it can be judged from the appearance. "Scrap" bottles generally do not have a manufacturer or phone number, or the annual inspection time has expired, and there will be "psoriasis" advertisements on the bottles. On the other hand, regular gas cylinders will have information such as the manufacturer's name, telephone number, production date, and QR code printed on the bottle. Citizens can use the date of manufacture on the cylinder to judge whether the cylinder has reached the end of life. It is reported that there is no manufacturer and phone number on the waste gas bottle body, or the annual inspection time has expired, and the “psoriasis” advertisement is posted on the bottle body. The regular gas cylinder is stamped with the date of manufacture, and the manufacturer’s name and telephone number are printed on the regular cylinder.

  Second, it can be judged based on the small ticket provided by the aerator. Currently on the market, the aerators of regular enterprises will basically carry a convenient Bluetooth printer during the aspiration process to print receipts. The content of the receipts is directly generated by the system, with specific company name, customer information, number of cylinders, weight and other information on it. . The "black air" basically uses handwritten bills, or no bills at all. The aspirator issues a printed receipt to the customer, the content is directly generated by the system, and the handwritten receipt is not formal.

  Third, the company, specifications, next annual inspection date, and delivery information will be posted on the regular gas cylinders. It is also possible to conduct online inspections of purchased gas cylinders, and initiate complaints against suspicious gas cylinders. Such situations as “no registration information for gas cylinders”, “no refilling and delivery records”, and “overdue time for annual inspection of gas cylinders” are found. "Problem cylinders" can be complained online and rejected.

  Now you know how to identify regular liquefied gas cylinders. If you want to buy regular liquefied gas cylinders, you can contact Tianlong.


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