Precautions for the safe use of bottled liquefied gas

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  Precautions for the safe use of bottled liquefied gas

  As many families still use bottled liquefied gas, the safe use of bottled liquefied gas has also attracted the attention of relevant departments. TIANLONG CYLINDER FACTORY tells you that you must pay attention to the following points when using bottled liquefied petroleum gas:

  1. Choose qualified LPG suppliers and do not buy bottled LPG sold by illegal vendors.

  2. Use qualified steel cylinders and inspect them regularly. The 15 kg steel cylinders used in ordinary households have a service life of 15 years. They must be tested at least every 4 years from the date of production, and 50 kg steel cylinders should be tested every 3 years.

  3. Other prohibitions for the use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders: Do not use overfilled solid bottles (the specified filling volume for 15 kg cylinders is 14.5 ± 0.5 kg. The prescribed filling volume for 50 kg cylinders is 49 ± 0.5 kg. 5 kg); do not expose steel cylinders containing liquefied petroleum gas to the sun for a long time; do not use fire or hot water to blanch the cylinders; do not disassemble the cylinder angle valve and pressure reducing valve parts by yourself. It is forbidden to pour the can and the remaining liquid by oneself. Don't hit or bump the cylinder.

  4. Requirements for bottled LPG accessories: Do not disassemble the pressure relief valve at will. Oil-resistant hoses must be used for gas transmission. The length of oil-resistant hoses used by general household users should not exceed 2 meters, and the service life of the hose is 3 years.

  5. Frequent leak inspection: the angle valve, pressure reducing valve, rubber tube, gas appliance and other connections of the bottled gas supply system are easy to leak. Check first to turn off the gas appliance switch, then open the angle valve, and apply soapy water on the leaky parts , The point of continuous bubbling is the air leakage point, and it is strictly forbidden to test for leakage with open flame.

  6. How to deal with the air leak?

  1. When a leak is found, do not panic and quickly close the angle valve of the cylinder.

  2. Open doors and windows quickly, maintain good ventilation, and let the liquefied petroleum gas radiate outdoors.

  3. It is strictly forbidden to turn on or off any electrical appliances and use indoor telephones. Extinguish all open flames.

  4. Make emergency repair calls outdoors and notify the gas supply unit to send professionals to deal with it.

  5. When a neighbor’s liquefied petroleum gas leaks, you should knock on the door to notify, and do not use the doorbell.

  The above introduction is "Precautions for the safe use of bottled liquefied gas", welcome to contact Tianlong LPG Cylinder Company to discuss business cooperation.


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