How much LPG gas is in a cylinder

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  Usually, when we cook at home, we can't do without LPG cylinders, especially when we inflate multiple times, we will find that the use time is different. So I wonder if the amount of liquefied gas is reduced this time. How much LPG gas is in a cylinder? For this question, we will explain it now.


  According to national regulations, the standard weight of each cylinder of liquefied gas is 14.5 kg (0.5 kg can be floated up and down). The filling capacity of a cylinder of liquefied gas is (14.5 kg, allowing up and down 0.5 kg). The sum of the two is about 30 kg. . In other words, a cylinder of liquefied gas from 14 kg to 15 kg is allowed.

  The original implementation standard for civil liquefied petroleum gas cylinder measurement is: the filling volume is (14.5±0.5)kg, that is, the total volume of the cylinder after inflation is (30.5±0.5)kg.

  Now some cities have adjusted to: the weight of the uninflated cylinder is 16.5kg, and the total weight of the cylinder after inflation is (31±0.5)kg, which increases the weight of the cylinder by 0.5Kg.

  When using liquefied gas, someone should look after it to prevent the soup from boiling over, extinguish the flame, and let the liquefied gas escape, causing fire and explosion accidents. Do not adjust the pressure reducing valve by yourself, let alone let children play around the liquefied gas tank and stove.

  If you can smell the liquefied gas in the room, it means that there is a leakage of liquefied gas. Please apply soapy water to the joints as soon as possible. If there are bubbles, you should immediately tighten the valve on the gas tank and never ignite. Open flame for leak detection.

  If gas leakage is found in the stove or connecting pipe, the valve should be closed quickly, and the doors and windows should be opened to enhance ventilation. It is strictly forbidden for all kind of fire to enter the room.

  If the concentration of liquefied gas in the house is high, you should evacuate to the police outside the house for help as soon as possible. Do not use your cell phone or turn on the lights inside the house.

  During daily use, it is strictly forbidden to heat the liquefied gas tank with boiling water, and do not leave the tank in the sun for a long time. Do not place it horizontally or shake it violently during transportation.

  Once a fire occurs, try to close the angle valve as soon as possible, cover the small fire with a wet towel, etc., and leave the alarm as soon as possible if the fire is large.

  Now you know "How much LPG gas is in a cylinder". If you want to know more about LPG gas, please contact TIANLONG CYLINDER FACTORY.


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