How much is the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder

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  How much is the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder? The price of liquefied petroleum gas varies from place to place. If a gas tank is filled with gas, the price is usually determined according to the size of the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder, and also according to the current market. The price is determined.


  The liquefied gas tanks commonly used in China are generally 5 kg, 15 kg, and 50 kg. The general household liquefied gas tank is 15 kg, with a circumference of about 1 meter, an outer diameter of 33 cm, and an inner diameter. 69 cm.

  The price of liquefied gas tanks produced by different manufacturers is different. Generally, the price of 5 kg is about 80 yuan, the price of 15 kg is about 100 yuan, and the price of 50 kg is about 150 yuan.

  The liquefied gas market is dominated by other private and individual enterprises, and gas can be filled with gas storage tanks, but little attention is paid to the quality and safety of gas storage tanks. If things go on like this, a large number of inferior, scrapped gas storage tanks flow to the market, causing huge safety hazards.

  Among the users of gas storage tanks, most of them are small restaurants located in urban areas and quite a few hot pot restaurants. Due to financial problems, these users rarely pay attention to testing, and the security risks are particularly serious. How to dispose of the discarded and idle gas storage tanks. The gas storage tanks have potential safety hazards. Generally, it is impossible to determine whether the gas storage tanks are scrapped or not, and they must be tested. It is also a difficult problem for users to calculate according to cost and how to price when recycling. Do not inflate unqualified or scrapped gas tanks.

  So when we buy gas cylinders, we must find a regular business, so as to be guaranteed. Tianlong Liquefied Gas Cylinder Company is a certain company specializing in the production of gas cylinders. It is often certified by the national standard and is guaranteed in terms of quality and safety. Welcome customers and friends to negotiate business.


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