Liquefied gas cylinder storage

How should LPG cylinders be stored

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  Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders are tools that we often use in our lives. After all, every household has to cook and eat, so they are generally indispensable. But after all, LPG cylinders are flammable and explosive materials. Only when they are used in accordance with safety rules can their strengths be better utilized. How should LPG cylinders be stored?


  1. Don't put it in the channel to avoid bumping.

  2. Do not store unused gas cylinders in the laboratory, and store them in a special warehouse.

  3. Different gas cylinders cannot be mixed. Empty bottles and bottles with gas should be stored separately.

  4. When receiving the gas cylinder, use soapy water to test whether the valve leaks. If it leaks, return it to the manufacturer, otherwise it will be dangerous.

  5. There should be no reducing organic matter near the gas cylinder, such as greasy cotton yarn, cotton cloth, etc., do not cover with plastic cloth, linoleum, etc. to avoid explosion.

  6. Cylinders should be stored in a ventilated and cool place, and they should not be too cold, overheated, or fluctuating hot and cold, so that the cylinder material may deteriorate. Nor should it be exposed to sunlight and all heat sources, because exposure to heat may weaken the strength of the bottle wall, expand the gas in the bottle, and increase the pressure rapidly, which may cause an explosion.

  7. In the laboratory, do not put the gas cylinder upside down or down to prevent the compressed liquid from spraying out when the valve is opened. It should be firmly upright, fixed to the wall or the experimental table, preferably fixed with a fixing frame.

  The above is the storage of LPG cylinders. We not only need to know how to use them, but also how to store LPG cylinders. If you have any other questions, please contact us. Thank you.


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