What is a liquefied petroleum gas cylinder

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  Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders refer to storage tanks used to store liquefied petroleum gas. When there is liquefied petroleum gas inside, the pressure is very high. A slight improper operation may cause an explosion. It is a special equipment. Pressure capacity. The maximum pressure of the liquefied gas cylinder is 2.1 MPa.


  The pressure of liquefied gas at 20 degrees Celsius is 0.8 MPa, and the pressure in 40 can reach 1.59 MPa. If the volume of liquefied gas remains unchanged, the pressure will increase by 0.04 MPa for every 1 second of temperature increase, so each cylinder can only be filled with 85%, which is 14.5 mm. Do not use warm water to heat the cylinder when the tank is empty, otherwise it will cause a physical explosion. Therefore, LPG cylinders must be replaced by manufacturers with relevant manufacturing qualifications to produce or use qualified products.

  There are two types of liquefaction tanks used by citizens. One is the screw connection between the cylinder shield and the bottle body, referred to as "screw bottle"; the other is the connection between the cylinder shield and the bottle body by electric welding, referred to as "welded bottle". ". According to national regulations, the safe use period of LPG cylinders is only 15 years, and regular inspections are required every 4 years. Since there is no permanent mark on the bottle body of the "screw bottle", since September 1996, the state has clearly stipulated that the "screw bottle" cannot be reproduced. That is, the last batch of "screw bottles" produced is more than 15 years old and must be scrapped.

  The normal service life of LPG cylinders is generally 15 years. Within 12 years after leaving the factory, LPG cylinders must be inspected every 4 years, and must be scrapped for more than 15 years. Of course, some cans can’t be used for various reasons and can’t be used again. Don’t leave them to your family because of your negligence. Safety.


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