Precautions for the use of liquefied gas cylinders

Related news 10 07-2020

  Users usually use methods when using liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. Wrong use methods may cause serious consequences. Therefore, when using liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, we must pay attention to the following three points to avoid unnecessary trouble:


  1. Residents have many errors in the use of LPG cylinders, such as shaking and dumping vigorously, dropping LPG cylinders, or even turning the gas tank upside down or lying down when the liquefied gas is about to run out for gas Fully burned, these methods are wrong. Fire prevention here reminds you not to turn the liquefied gas tank upside down or lay it flat, or to roast and heat the gas tank with fire, otherwise the liquefied gas liquid will enter the pressure regulating valve and cause a fire accident.

  2. Liquefied petroleum gas is a variety of hydrocarbon compounds obtained during crude oil distillation or other petroleum processing. It is a colorless, flammable and low-toxic gas at normal temperature and pressure. The liquefied petroleum gas that we usually smell has a special taste because of the addition of malodorous agents, so that people can find it when it leaks, because when the air contains 10% of liquefied petroleum gas, people will be anesthetized in the gas for 5 minutes. A little longer can cause death. In fact, liquefied gas should be colorless and tasteless!

  3. In addition, the liquefied gas leakage accident site must ensure that the tank cools below the ignition point, avoiding the explosion and not extinguishing the fire. This is also an abnormal place, because a large amount of liquefied gas leaks if it is extinguished without identifying the leakage point. The consequences are unimaginable. Keeping the fire can at least consume the leaked combustible gas, and the most invisible is the most dangerous. So next time you see firefighters' water dragons not spraying the flames, please don't spray them on the Internet for their incompetence, eat dry rice, they also want to extinguish the fire and go back to rest.


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