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Related news 02 09-2020

  In order to eliminate the hidden risks in the filling and use of gas cylinders, resolutely curb the occurrence of major accidents, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and properties, the Hangzhou Xiacheng Market Supervision Office has recently launched a special law enforcement inspection of LPG cylinders within its jurisdiction action.


  The Market Supervision Institute attaches great importance to the special management work of this special law enforcement inspection action for LPG cylinders in the summer. In the special work, strengthen the organization and leadership, implement the supervision responsibility, highlight the key points of the supervision of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, strictly follow the "Special Equipment Safety Law", "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations" and the requirements of related safety technical specifications and standards, and focus on checking filling Does the unit have unlicensed filling, overfilling, overfilling (filling cannot exceed 13kg in summer), filling of non-owned bottles, overdue unchecked bottles, unqualified bottles, modified bottles, refurbished bottles and scrapped Violations of laws and regulations, such as bottle filling, failure to carry out filling work in accordance with relevant safety technical specifications.

  In addition, law enforcement officials also promoted the "Special Equipment Safety Law" and the service life of liquefied gas cylinders, precautions during use, emergency handling and other safety knowledge to the gas cylinder users, strengthening the safety awareness of the users and protecting the lives of the people. Property safety and public safety.

  During this inspection, the Market Supervision Office dispatched 4 law enforcement officers to inspect 1 gas cylinder filling and sales unit. No violations of laws or regulations have been found for the time being.>>>More News


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