Our city launches special safety management of bottled liquefied petroleum gas

Related news 29 07-2020

  On the afternoon of September 8, the city’s gas management office organized a meeting for the main persons in charge of various liquefied petroleum gas enterprises in Zhoushan urban area to deploy special safety measures for bottled liquefied petroleum gas.


  The meeting organized various liquefied petroleum gas companies to study the contents of the "Notice on Carrying out the Special Management of Bottled LPG Safety" and other documents from the Office of the State Council’s Security Committee, the province and the municipality, and urged all liquefied petroleum gas companies to do a good job in this special management. Immediately carry out a comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers to ensure that no blind spots or corners are left, and prevent illegal bottled liquefied petroleum gas operations, storage, filling, transportation, and use, etc., to prevent and curb safety accidents.

  The Municipal Gas Management Office also organized the heads of participating companies to go to the Huanggang City Material Liquefied Gas Station for on-site observation. Everyone said that they will actively carry out self-examination and self-reform according to normative standards and good companies to ensure the safety of the bottled gas industry.

  TIANLONG CYLINDER NIGERIA reminds you that the use of liquefied petroleum gas must be regulated so that we can reduce unnecessary trouble


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