precautions for the use of liquefied gas

Common knowledge and precautions for the use of liquefied gas

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  Liquefied petroleum gas is widely used due to its cleanliness and convenience, but due to its flammable, explosive, and toxic nature, and the bottle itself is subject to high pressure, improper use is prone to safety inspection accidents. . To ensure your safety inspection, you must strictly abide by its safety regulations when using LPG cylinders.
  Common knowledge and precautions for using liquefied gas:
  1. Liquefied gas cylinders shall not be stored in occupants' rooms and public places to prevent exposure to heat and strong sun, and the environment shall not exceed 35degrees;
  2. Before replacing the gas, carefully check whether the sealing ring at the front end of the pressure reducing valve is intact and correct. , The hose cannot pass through the floor or wall;
  3. The place where the liquefied gas cylinder is used must have air circulation. It is strictly forbidden to mix the liquefied gas cylinder and the electric furnace. Honeycomb coal is used together;
  4. Always check the valve of the pressure reducer of the liquefied gas cylinder to prevent leakage and prohibit access to heat sources;
  5. It is forbidden to conduct a self-flowing guide bottle indoors. The guide bottle is easy to generate static electricity. The overflowing gas will produce a combustion explosion after being exposed to an open fire. It is forbidden to pour the residue of liquefied gas into the ditch and toilet;
  6. To prevent impact during transportation to avoid explosion, the liquefied gas cylinder should be pressure tested after a period of use;
  7. Brush soapy water on the valve connection of the gas tank. The hose and the switch of the stove, if there are bubbles, it means that there is a leak. If a leak is found, open flame detection is not allowed;
  8. It is better not to use liquefied gas for the elderly, mentally handicapped and mentally ill. To use liquefied gas cylinders, follow the principle of first igniting and then opening the gas;
  9. After the explosion of the liquefied gas cylinder, the gas should be shut off before extinguishing. You can also use a wet sack and quilt to cover the open flame, or use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.
  Therefore, we must always remember to use it safely to avoid accidents.


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