Plug valve 3 / 4

    Name: plug valve 3 / 4
    diameter 27
    quantity: 100 pieces / box unit
    weight: 0.2kg/box volume: 0.01m³/box

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    Outlet Valve: The outlet valve fitted to the cylinders is a Snap Tight Valve, with standard diameter of 27mm, which also has a pressure relief valve fitted on its side.  This prevents any over pressure build up in the cylinder.
    Low-Pressure Single-Stage Regulators: These reduce the initial pressure of 3 - 6 bars in the cylinder to a pressure of 0.028 bars at the point of use of the gas. These regulators comply with BS 6016 rating or equivalent.
    High-Pressure Double-Stage Regulators: These are designed to cater for larger consumers (hotels, restaurants, industries), and reduce the pressure progressively in two stages rather than one.
    Multiple Cylinder Connection: For larger consumers (hotels, restaurants, industries), cylinders are connected by using a changeover manifold connected to a regulator. If the cylinder and connections are in the open air, then the piping, valves and connections must be protected from possible accidental or vandalism damage, by placing an appropriate protective cover over them.
    Low Pressure Hose: Used to connect the regulator to your appliance.
    Where can I exchange my empty cylinders?
    Empty LPG cylinders can be replaced at all the Service Stations as well as appointed distributors in all districts.
    Where can I buy a new LPG cylinder?
    Purchasing a new cylinder can be done from the service stations, (you will need to have your ID card on hand).
    Do's & don'ts
    Keep windows open to ventilate your kitchen.
    Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame.
    Turn pan handles away from the flame.
    Never leave your cooking unattended. The sauce or liquid in your cooking vessel could overflow and extinguish the burners, causing gas to leak.
    LPG maintenance
    Always keep the LPG valve / regulator switched off when your gas stove / oven is not in use, especially at night and when going on a holiday.
    Always store the LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from other combustible and flammable materials.
    Always replace worn-out or defective tubing and regulators. Half of all gas-related cooking accidents occur due to leakages from the rubber tube. Replace your rubber tubing as per the expiry date indicated on the hose itself. 
    The low pressure regulator has a standard lifespan of 10 years, and it is recommended that this is replaced once this timeline has surpassed. You may verify this date using the date and month engravings located either side of the knob of the regulator.
    How to check for gas leaks?
    If a gas leak is suspected, you can check for the leak by applying a soapy solution (soapy water) on the cylinder joints. The appearance of bubbles indicates leak points. In this event, extinguish all flames, close the LPG regulator and ventilate the area.

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