Gas cooker Mould Burner

Gas cooker Mould Burner-7102BF

    0.4mm Black Non-stick cooktop
    Burner:100mm/100mm honeycomb
    Black Powder Pan
    Copper Nozzle
    ABS Black Knob
    9.8mm Gas Tube
    20mm feet 

    Product details

      What gas stove?
      Gas stoves: Household gas stoves use gas (liquefied gas stoves, natural gas, artificial gas) as fuel. Combustion appliances that support cooking utensils with their own brackets.
      So do we usually use gas stoves in accordance with the product's use rules? How to use it safely?

      1. To ensure that the vent is smooth
      If the flame becomes smaller, the flame becomes red or the stove becomes black, it is caused by oil stains and charcoal dust falling into the vent. Regularly clear the ventilation holes of the stove with small wires to prevent blockages and keep it in a good heat state.
      2. Clean up frequently
      During use, porridge, soup and other spills should be wiped off in time, and the entire stove should be cleaned after each meal. The stains on the gas stove should be wiped clean with a soft cloth dampened with water.
      3. Clean regularly
      Clean the fire cover once every two weeks, wipe with a soft cloth, do not use hard objects such as wire brush to avoid scratching the surface. If you need thorough cleaning, you should contact a professional for cleaning, do not dismantle and wash by yourself. Usually check the gas cooker and pipeline connection for leaks. According to relevant national regulations, the service life of gas stoves is 8 years. If it is found that the gas stove has rust, deformation and other problems, it should be replaced in time.

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