Professionals tell you how to use liquefied gas cylinders safely

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  Recently, many residents Tianlong LPG Cylinder Company's service hotline consulted on related issues such as the safe use of liquefied gas. To this end, Tianlong Liquefied Gas Cylinder Company will provide you with detailed answers to common safety problems in the use of liquefied gas, and hope it will be helpful to you.


  What should residents pay attention to in daily use of liquefied gas tanks?

  1. It is strictly forbidden to expose the liquefied gas cylinder to direct sunlight for a long time or place it in a stove, heat source and other high temperature places. In addition, residents must close the angle valve of the steel cylinder after use and check whether it is closed tightly.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to dispose of the residual liquid in the cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas without authorization. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle and repair the cylinder valve, pressure reducing valve, digging and repairing, welding and repairing. It is strictly forbidden to lie down, stand upside down, knock or collide with the cylinder.

  3. The distance between the liquefied gas cylinder and the stove should be kept at least 0.5 meters, and the length of the hose should not exceed 1 meter, and the use should generally not exceed 4 years. During the period of use, residents must frequently check for damage, aging and air leakage, and replace them immediately if problems are found.

  How do you conduct daily inspections yourself?

  We should always check the connections of liquefied gas cylinders, hoses, pressure reducers, etc. for looseness, leakage, etc. When checking, you can use washing spirit water, soapy water to smear the leak test.

  What should I do if I find a cylinder leaking?

  (1) The angle valve of the cylinder should be closed first, and the windows should be opened for ventilation. All kinds of open flames are strictly prohibited on site. Do not switch on and off electric lights, ventilating fans and other electrical equipment, and do not use telephones, mobile phones, lighters and doorbells to prevent explosions, fires and other accidents. Stay away from the scene and call the LPG company.

  (2) If the angle valve of the steel cylinder is damaged or the cylinder catches fire, the steel cylinder should be quickly moved to an open area outside, evacuate the crowd, stay away from the scene, and call the fire alarm number in time, and notify the LPG company to deal with it while ensuring its own safety. .

  I hope that the above "how to use liquefied gas cylinders safely" is helpful to you. If you want to consult other questions, you can contact us, thank you.

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