how does the family use LPG correctly

how does the family use LPG correctly

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  Liquefied petroleum gas is the main fuel that we usually use for cooking. LPG brings convenience to us but also leaves hidden dangers for everyone. Only when we use liquefied petroleum gas correctly can we use it more conveniently and safely. It, then how does the family use LPG correctly? Let TIANLONG Cylinder Factory explain it in detail for everyone now.

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  The following points need to be remembered:

  1. The LPG cylinder must be kept upright for use;

  2. It is strictly forbidden for users to dispose of residual liquid in the bottle by themselves;

  3. It is strictly forbidden to use any heat source to heat the cylinder;

  4. The place where the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder is placed should not be close to heat sources and open flames, and keep a distance of more than 1.5m from the stove;

  5. When a liquefied petroleum gas leak is found, the doors and windows should be opened immediately to ventilate the air, and no ignition, switch electrical equipment or use of the telephone should be used to prevent explosion and fire accidents;

  6. The outlet thread of the bottle valve is left-handed. When installing the regulator, check whether the sealing ring on the regulator is intact or not. After the regulator is tightened, use soapy water to check the connection between the regulator and the bottle valve, and no air leakage;

  7. The user should always check whether the sealing rubber ring on the pressure reducing valve is aging and falling off. Once the aprons are aging or fall off, they should be replaced immediately, otherwise gas leakage accidents may occur. When it is found that the valve body is leaking. Should be sent for repair or replacement immediately;

  8. The user should regularly check whether the hose is aging, cracked or damaged to prevent air leakage. The hose should use a special hose for liquefied gas (the hose generally has a service life of two years), and use stainless steel clamps to lock the two ends connecting the pressure reducing valve and the stove;

  9. Develop a good habit of not leaving when using the stove and turning off the switch (including the angle valve of the steel cylinder) when the stove is not in use. In the event of air leakage, please ask professional maintenance personnel for repair;

  10. Before ignition, pay attention to whether there is the smell of liquefied petroleum in the room, and check whether there is gas leakage. Leak detection method: The user can often brush the hose, the interface between the hose and the gas appliance, and the connection between the pressure reducing valve and the hose with soapy water to check for leaks. Open flame testing is strictly prohibited. If the leaking part is detected, the parts should be replaced immediately or, when it is found, professional maintenance personnel should repair it;

  11. When using LPG stove. It should be ignited first and then the gas should be opened (the valve should not be opened too much during ignition). During use, prevent the items in the pot from boiling and overflow, and extinguish the fire and run out of gas. Fire and explosion;

  12. It is forbidden to disassemble the steel cylinder angle valve and pressure reducing valve parts by yourself; it is forbidden to hit or bump the steel cylinder.

  What I explained above is "how to use liquefied petroleum gas correctly". When we usually use liquefied petroleum gas, we must use liquefied petroleum gas cylinders with good quality and high safety performance, so that we can cook more safely. TIANLONG Cylinder Factory is a professional manufacturer of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. The products have passed international certification and are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. It is a reliable liquefied petroleum gas cylinder company. Welcome customers and friends to call and contact us Negotiating business cooperation, thank you.


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