How to tell if a cylinder is good or bad

Related news 27 07-2020

  Hangzhou Net, July 26: According to the "News Knowing" report, yesterday, the Hangzhou police, together with the Municipal Gas Management Office, launched a special campaign to combat illegal operations of LPG cylinders in Qingtai Old Street, Shangcheng District. The identification was taught on the spot. Methods of counterfeit steel cylinders.


  The staff of the Municipal Gas Management Office said that it can be clearly distinguished from the appearance of the cylinder, "The bottle tube interface is connected with screws, that is, the fake and inferior bottles are eliminated. Only the qualified products are welded." Moreover, the cylinder body is also printed "Next inspection date", for example, it is April 2017. If the bottle is printed on December 2016, it means that the cylinder has not been inspected after the expiry date.

  The Hangzhou police revealed that so far this year, the city has investigated and dealt with 181 cases of illegal operation of LPG, investigated and dealt with 263 persons involved, destroyed 77 “black dens” of illegal operation of LPG, seized 8,637 LPG cylinders, and seized vehicles involved in the case. 149 vehicles, and 5,025 hidden dangers of various types were discovered and rectified.

  Tianlong Liquefied Gas Cylinder Company once again reminds the majority of customers and friends that you must buy liquefied gas cylinders from a regular company to prevent the purchase of defective products, which is very harmful, and you can contact us if you have any questions, thank you.


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