Classification of gas in cylinders

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  In our lives, we often use liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. Cylinders are very convenient to store the gases burned in class. These gases are often compressed and put into cylinders. Then you know that the cylinders contain gas Classification? Now we will introduce it.


  Classification of the gas in the gas cylinder:

  1. Compressed gas The gas whose critical temperature is lower than -10°C is called compressed gas, such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, air, argon, nitrogen and so on. Such gas cylinders are called high-pressure cylinders if their design pressure is greater than or equal to 12MPa (125kg/cm2).

  2. Dissolved gas Simply applying high pressure and compressing can produce dangerous gases such as decomposition and explosion. It must be dissolved in a suitable solvent while being high pressure, and filled with porous solids. The pressure below 15°C is above 0.2MPa, which is called dissolved gas (or gas solution), such as acetylene.

  3. Liquefied gas A gas with a critical temperature ≥ 10°C is called liquefied gas, which is compressed by high pressure and turned into a liquid state in equilibrium with its vapor. Those whose critical temperature is between -10°C and 70°C are called high-pressure liquefied gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Those with critical temperature higher than 70°C and saturated vapor pressure greater than 0.1MPa at 60°C are called low-pressure liquefied gases, such as ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide.

  According to the nature of the gas, it can be classified into highly toxic gases such as fluorine and chlorine; flammable gases such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide; combustion-supporting gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide; otherwise, gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

  Through the introduction of "Classification of Gas in Gas Cylinders" above, I believe you have a better understanding of what gases are in gas cylinders. If you have any questions, you can contact us.


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