Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder inspection knowledge

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  The liquefied petroleum gas cylinder is the main carrier we use to load the liquefied gas, and it is particularly convenient to use. However, many people are prone to inspection and maintenance of LPG cylinders, which leads to troubles. So now let the Nigeria LPG cylinder supplier introduce the knowledge of LPG cylinder inspection.

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  1. Why do LPG cylinders need to be inspected regularly?

  After long-term use of liquefied petroleum gas steel, paint peeling, corrosion, mechanical damage (such as pits, nicks, etc.), angle valve openings, air leakage, etc., will occur. If not regularly inspected, the above phenomena will be discovered and dealt with in time. Rarely reduce the displacement of the cylinder, and a severe setback may cause an unexpected disaster.

  2. What is the basis for regular inspections of LPG cylinders?

  The regulations for the regular inspection of LPG cylinders are based on the "Gas Cylinder Safety Supervision Regulations" promulgated by the former State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The technical standard for regular inspections of cylinders is GB8334-1999 "Regular Inspection and Evaluation of LPG Cylinders."

  3. How is the periodic inspection period for LPG cylinders regulated?

  According to the national standard GB8334-1999 "Periodic Inspection and Evaluation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders", the first to third inspection period is 4 years from the date of manufacture for the 15kg and less than 15kg cylinders in use. The fourth inspection The validity period is 3 years, and the 50kg steel cylinder in use is inspected every 3 years.

  When steel cylinders are severely corroded, damaged, or have other defects that affect safe use, they should be inspected in advance. Steel cylinders that are stocked or out of service for more than one inspection period should be inspected before use.

  4. What is the purpose of regular inspection of LPG cylinders?

  Cylinder inspection uses effective technical means to comprehensively evaluate the condition of the cylinder, refurbish the appearance of the cylinder that meets the safety technical indicators, and replace the rubber wearing parts inside the angle valve, which can effectively protect the cylinder and extend the use time of the cylinder. , The steel cylinders that do not meet the safety technical indicators will be judged to be scrapped, and the inspection unit will conduct destructive treatment to prevent them from entering the society to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.

  The above is the "LPG cylinder inspection knowledge". Lpg Gas Bottle Manufacturer Tianlong reminds you: We must use the LPG cylinders according to the correct operating specifications, so that we can make our delicious meals more safely.


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