how to book lpg cylinder

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  In our daily lives, cooking is generally inseparable from lpg cylinders, but many people don’t know how to buy lpg cylinders, then, how to book lpg cylinder? Now let’s explain it.


  Generally, there are separate individuals and self-employed individuals for purchasing liquefied gas cylinders. If you are a single individual, it is generally recommended to go to an authorized liquefied gas workstation. For self-employed individuals, you can go to a company that specializes in the production of liquefied gas cylinders. For example, Tianlong Liquefied Gas Cylinder Company is a company specializing in the production of liquefied gas cylinders. Has decades of experience.

  Pay attention to the following four points when buying liquefied gas cylinders:

  1. Check carefully to see if the thermoplastic seal on the valve of the gas cylinder is complete and the pattern is clear, so as not to buy the dealer to fill the gas privately;

  2. It should be weighed on site. The commonly used 15 kg gas cylinders should not be less than 30 kg + 0.5 kg according to technical standards;

  3. It is to buy liquefied gas at direct sales outlets of large gas stations, so as to avoid buying "short catties" gas filled by black manufacturers;

  4. Check the tag of the gas cylinder valve to confirm the inspection time. The service cycle of liquefied gas cylinders is 15 years and should be inspected regularly. The total number of inspections is 4, the first 3 inspection cycles are 4 years, and the last inspection cycle is 3 years.

  Reminder: Liquefied gas cylinders should be placed in a well-ventilated, cool and not too damp place, avoid direct sunlight and prevent strong collisions, and place no debris nearby. It is strictly forbidden to directly heat the cylinder with fire, steam, hot water and other heat sources. The safe distance between the liquefied gas cylinder and the stovetop should be at least 2 meters. At the same time, you should stay away from the power socket to avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles. Welcome customers and friends to call and email to discuss business.


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