install the liquefied gas cylinder

how to install the liquefied gas cylinder

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  People who often cook at home must be aware of the item of liquefied gas cylinders. Of course, what they know more often is the stove. In fact, the energy source for supplying firepower to the stove is liquefied petroleum gas. LPG is not only very practical, he At the same time, it is also highly dangerous. Therefore, once the treatment is not enough, the probability of many accidents will be extremely large. Then the problem is, how to install the liquefied gas cylinder?


  How to install the liquefied gas cylinder?

  1. After changing the cylinder, when installing the pressure reducing valve, first pay attention to the thread buckle, and then rotate the hand wheel counterclockwise in the reverse buckle direction.

  2. Do not use too much force when rotating. The correct hand feel is easy, otherwise the threads may not be aligned. At this time, do not force the screw in. Re-calibrate the screw until it is tightened.

  3. If the installation is correct, gently shake the pressure relief valve body by hand, it will not move left or right or feel loose; if the installation is not good, it will shake if it is tightened.

  Leak detection method: To ensure safe use by the teacher, after the pressure relief valve is installed, you can brush soapy water on the interface to check for leaks.

  Under normal circumstances, the pressure of the liquefied gas cylinder will rise extremely fast during use, which will make the firepower of the liquefied gas stove become extremely large, so that everyone can cook.

  The above content mainly describes the specific introduction of "How to install liquefied gas cylinders" introduced by Tianlong Liquefied Gas Cylinder Company. There are standards for the size of liquefied gas cylinders used in family life, so under normal circumstances, follow The standard can be purchased and obtained, but if there are special circumstances, you must first look at the specific situation. If it can be used, it can indeed be purchased, but if it is not, it must not be too forceful.Related reading: More liquefied gas cylinder products


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